Beer place

When one glass of beer is not enough…

There are many distractions for a soulful conversation – a stressful pace of life, a whirlpool of information. And in this daily fuss, we forget that all we need for a good talk is a comfy chair and a glass of good beer.

We are a beer place that offers a nice atmosphere with some great food and real conversations.

Our philosophy

The true epiphanies of life can be found in the bottom of a beer glass. Or maybe not. But we should always, always check.

100+ types of beer

Apart from a great atmosphere we have every day, we will amaze you with 23 types of tap beers and more than 100 types of bottled beers, starting from the world’s most popular ones and up to the pearls of the local brewers.

Talented chefs

At our house, beer always goes with some great food. Andris Jugans, our brand chef and designer of Two More Beers menu, has created the selection of menu items that will be appreciated not only by the beer lovers, but also those seeking to experience local cuisine. Every item on our menu is unique both in its taste and appearance.


Where there’s beer, there are men and sports. We have made sure that every sports fan will be able to enjoy their favourite sportscasts here – in separate zones for bigger or smaller groups of friends

Our popular menu items

venison burger in a potato-hemp seed waffle with lingonberries and smoked cheese, served with fries
Pork ribs
served with grilled vegetables and oven-baked potatoes
prawns with garlic, chorizo, smoked bell pepper and parsley, served with a bread toast
Food menu

Our popular drinks menu items

Craft beer
Capoeira Passion Punch
Signature cocktail
Kokmuižas dubultspēle
Non-alcoholic beer


We’re open:

M-Th: 12:00-24:00
F-Sa: 12:00 – 02:00
S: 12:00-24:00
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